Electrical Design and Testing

Leverage the electrical hardware design, prototyping, and manufacturing expertise at Pegasus to make your industrial system operate with the utmost efficiency. With in-house PCB prototyping and industry leading design capabilities, the team at Pegasus is up to any electrical design challenge.

Engine Testing and Optimization

Pegasus facilities include engine testing chambers for engine tuning and performance assessment. Every engine unit shipped by Pegasus is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the necessary specifications.

Engine testing capabilities include testing electrical capabilities of gas-electric or direct drive power units.



Mechanical Design and Fabrication

Using industry standard CAD and FEM software, coupled with industry experience in mechanical and manufacturing design, Pegasus’ mechanical design capabilities have paid dividends with regards to developing innovative power systems for UAVs.

Combined with in-house CNC machining capabilities, Pegasus can take mechanical concepts to prototypes to manufacturable components effectively.