Powertrain Products


Range Extender, Gas-Electric, 35cc (GE35)

The GE35 is designed to power platforms with average electrical power demands up to 2,000W. At a base weight of 2.6kg, it is the lightest power unit that Pegasus offers, and the lightest gas-electric power unit available.



Range Extender, Gas-Electric, 70cc (GE70)

The GE70 is designed to power platforms with average power demands up to 4,000W. With a base weight of 3.5kg, the GE70 is capable of powering larger industrial platforms with low vibrations and unparalleled reliability.



Propulsion Unit, Direct Drive, 70cc (GD70)

Capable of providing 4,500W of shaft power, the GD70 is a perfect fit for industrial fixed-wing and hybrid platforms. The GD70 also has the lightest weight-to-power generation in the industry, with up to 1,000W for recharging batteries and powering auxiliary loads.



Propulsion Unit, Direct Drive, 150cc (GD150)

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